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My horse Romey and IHi, I'm Shelley and I love color, graphic design and small businesses.

I'm a continuous learner in the study of website and graphic design keeping up with new practices and industry standards.

As a kid I used to collect unique business cards and study how all the elements were put together. I was fascinated by logos, fonts, color and words - how such a small piece of paper could convey a different look and feel just by combining different elements.

Then with the advent of the internet and websites, and therefore a whole new marketing medium, I was hooked.

I enjoy creating websites for small business clients because it's not just about throwing some words and photos on the screen and uploading to the web. It's about learning where the client is coming from - why they started the business, what drives them and what direction they want to go. Sometimes helping them package their business, fine tuning their focus, their message and coming up with a game plan to move forward is all part of the process.

Some clients find the process of putting a website together daunting due to lack of time or not knowing what to say or where to start. I enjoy guiding clients along the path and making it as headache free as possible. I can help with what to put on your site, what not to, what's important and what's missing. When your website is finished, it will be very rewarding for you to see the fruits of your labor out on the web for the world to see.

Thank for checking out my website.

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